Monday, December 7, 2009

A Christmas Giveaway!

If you are interested in free stuff (and who isn't!?!), check out our facebook page before Wednesday! Something from this table is being given away!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jess and Paul - Dreams PV

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to be part of an amazing celebration of family, friends and true love! Jess and Paul were meant to be - it is clear from the moment you see them interacting so naturally together and how they are so very clearly enamored with one another!

Their vows were exchanged at beautiful Guadalupe Church in downtown PV; we don't have photos from the church so we'll just have to wait for some shots from photographer Stephanie Williams! We do, however, have our amateur photos from the reception to tide you over until the professional peeks are in! Congratulations Jess and Paul - it was a true honor to work with you to plan your day!

Guests were welcomed to a beach lounge for the cocktail reception; Jess mentioned early on in the planning that she really thought the idea of a "lovebird" theme was cute! So much has been done with lovebirds, and so VERY much in the couple's color palette of gray and yellow, so we really tried to keep things fresh and interesting! Take a look and see what you think!

Jess collects postcards from all the places she travels, so we set up a "wishes for the lovebirds" station at which guests wrote notes to the couple on postcards featuring scenes of Puerto Vallarta.

The cocktail lounge:

We found the most authentic and adorable wooden bird Christmas ornaments for the guests - a perfect nod to the lovebird theme AND so-very-appropriate as Jess and Paul were engaged on Christmas Day!

Escort cards popped out of 85 small laminated pails filled with dusty miller and yellow pompoms!

Centerpieces were lit from the inside, and guests found their seats at the tables with individually embroidered napkins with guest names!?

To see how we put this wedding together, go here!

Congratulations Jess and Paul! We wish you the very very very very best!!!

From the bride and groom:

We just got back from our honeymoon last night and had to email you ASAP. We just wanted to thank you so much for all that you did with our wedding. It was more than we could have ever hoped for - from the ring pillow, to the cake, to the Christmas ornaments, the postcards, to the dance floor, to the square tables, to the fireworks surprise from our parents, we really could go on and on...

It truly was the best day of our lives and we want to thank you so much for everything you did.

Love always,
Jess & Paul

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stacie and Sean - Quetzal & Serafines

Stacie and Sean's wedding this past November 21st was held at two next-door villas in upper Conchas Chinas! The wedding itself was pure beauty, and the bride was stunning and sooo sweet! Congratulations to this amazing couple! A look at our wedding photos from the day! (You'll also find a few professional shots by Daniela Degrassi in the mix! You'll know which ones are hers - not only because of the watermark, but because of their sheer beauty and perfect composition!!!) Enjoy!

Guests were greeted with fresh fruit water - but to make the service a bit more stylish, martini glasses were used for the presentation! Everyone loved it - a blend of refreshing and classy!

First, a few peeks at the bridal party (courtesy of Daniela)!

(The groom's French heritage made its appearance a couple times throughout the event! Keep your eyes open!)

The ceremony was simple and yet so beautiful! We focused our efforts in a few areas to add touches of floral beauty to the already-amazing venue! We hung hundreds of white roses above the ceremony area, added orchid blossoms and candles to all furniture in the area, covered the entire stair railing with florals and tied programs to the backs of chairs. Simple and stunning!

Following the uber-romantic nuptials, guests gathered for cocktails and canapes in a transformed living area/terrace!

Following sundown, guests processed down the cobblestone street to the next villa where they were welcomed by a colorful and romantic reception!

A cigar-smoking lounge was set on a nearby terrace.

And other decor highlighted the indoor areas and outdoor terraces!

We loved this one - so warm, so comfortable and yet so classy!
Congratulations Stacie and Sean!!!

For the inside scoop on the transformation of these villas, go here!

From the bride:

Sean and I wanted to thank you for making our day so special and memorable. From the fleur de lye on the bouquet to the cheese plate to the hanging flowers, the zebra covered furniture, and the magnificent centerpieces we loved every detail that went into what our guests are still raving was “the most beautiful wedding” they had ever seen. It was obvious you put a lot of work into our event and we are very appreciative. It came and went very quickly but we loved every moment. You were both an absolute pleasure to work with; thank you for everything. Surely this will not be our last trip to PV and we hope that we get the pleasure to see you again.