Monday, September 12, 2011

The Dazzling Details has a New Website

We welcome all of you to check out our new website where you will find new information, new weddings, new photos and some exciting surprises! Thanks for following us here, and we hope you continue to follow us at our new location!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Website Debut!

For all of you wondering where all the new fantastic blog posts are from this spring's wedding season, you'll have to wait just a little longer! We're revamping our site and hope to debut a new and improved website in late July! But pleaaaase head over to our Facebook Page where you'll get sneak peeks at all of our spring weddings, inside info on what is happening with The Dazzling Details and previews of weddings to come!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brittany and Kyle - Dreams PV

Brittany and Kyle's rustic beach wedding was a beautiful blend of burlap (even hand-made burlap flowers that we incorporated into the bouquet!), white blooms, flowing fabrics and soft lighting. Hand-painted signs, refurbished market boxes and tin cans amazingly came together to create an ambiance of rustic elegance - so simple and pretty! (And any Princess Bride fanatics out there will notice hand-painted signs with love quotes from the famous film! Princess Bride was the first movie ever that the couple watched together - oh, so romantic!) Thanks Eva Sica and Pierre Morillon for the lovely photos!

Congratulations Brittany and Kyle!

Grace and Mike - Villa Guillermo

Grace and Mike tied the knot at newly remodeled Villa Guillermo in early November. The very Bohemian-chic nuptials included a ceremony held on lovely Conchas Chinas Beach, cocktail hour split between the rocky beach terrain and the Guillermo palapa and then dinner beneath twinkle lights and the starry sky on the villa terrace.

While I usually allow the photos to speak for themselves and choose not to provide a long commentary on the wedding or design, I think the wedding tables at this particular event were such a work of creative accomplishment on our team's part that I just can't let it go unnoticed!

One of the biggest draws for couples to this particular wedding venue is also one of its biggest challenges - the vast flat terrace space. While its spacious, uninterrupted layout is wonderful for hosting large groups, that same spacious, flat, uninterrupted space tosses a curveball at lighting design as it provides no structure, hooks, walls, anything really! from which to suspend lighting. Our team literally tossed around dozens and dozens of ideas about how to provide romantic, overhead lighting without using a structure that would appear out of place on the organically-shaped terrace and without any structural walls from which to suspend cabling; essentially we wanted overhead lighting without any visible structure to take away from the natural beauty of the surroundings. We wanted them to merely float on air. What we eventually came up with was to string twinkle lights in manzanilla trees that would emerge from the center of dinner tables, thus avoiding the necessity for a bulky structure as well as noticeable cabling. We figured, however, that rental companies may not appreciate us drilling holes into the middle of their tables so that a tree could grow up through the middle, so what better to do than actually build the dinner tables ourselves - complete with a tree in the middle. And while the project seemed to take over our workshop, the end result was well worth it. See for yourself below!
Congratulations Grace and Mike! We loved working with you!