Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dazzling Details GiveAway - II

The post about Jess and Paul's lovebird wedding brought us so many emails asking where we found the adorable hand-painted bird ornaments that we have decided we have to address the question right here on our blog! So here goes . . .

There is a tiny little corner shop that opens from November through the beginning of every year for the Christmas season only. It is located on a side street off of Insurgentes St. across from the Rio Cuale Mercado. Find the HSBC bank across from the Mercado and follow the side street up to the corner; the Christmas shop is on the right hand side!

Now..... I loved the ornaments myself so much that I bought enough for Jess and Paul's wedding and then gobs of them for myself as well! And when I say gobs, I mean GOBS! And now, as the Christmas season has passed, I realize that I truly don't need gobs of these ornaments no matter how absolutely adorable they are. Sooo . . . we announce our next Dazzling Details Giveaway! Details here!

Best of luck to all who enter!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Danielle and Justin - Dreams PV

October 2009 brought with it some rainy weather - more than usual - and several of our weddings had to be relocated to indoors to accommodate the falling drops! Danielle and Justin had their hearts set on an outdoor ceremony, and despite a near downpour, they moved forward (in part thanks to Dreams blue and white umbrellas and in part to their very good-spirited guests) and said their "I dos" on the beach!

They did, however, make the very difficult decision early in the morning to relocate their reception to an indoor ballroom in order to preserve the setup and decor without the risk of everything becoming soaked in an afternoon shower! And while it was a really tough decision for them to make, it was a smart one; it rained for hours in the afternoon, drenching just about everything not under cover! So while we aren't necessarily used to working indoors, the room converted beautifully into a reception space that glowed late into the night!

Oddly enough, despite the rain being completely against us, it also showed a bit of compassion - letting up slightly just after the ceremony for a few formal photos on the beach and then again at the end of the reception in order to pull off the fire dancers and fireworks on the beach to end the evening!

Thank you Amanda Kraft for the photos!

For an explanation of the charms on the bouquet and boutonniere as well as the placement of the fountain in the ceremony, go here! It was actually a really special touch to this wedding!

For a very memorable photo of their rainy wedding ceremony, go here! It's definitely one-of-a-kind!

Congratulations Danielle and Justin!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jess and Paul - Dreams PV - Part II

Professional photos from Jess and Paul's November nuptials are in from Photographer Stephanie Williams! (Those of you who check us out on Facebook have already peeked at these photos!)

For our amateur photos of the event accompanied by our comments on the decor, go here.

For the Before and After pics of the details, go here!

To see the design board behind this wedding, go here!

And if you aren't our fan on Facebook yet, click the button on the right side of our blog! You'll get peeks at ongoing projects, inspiration boards, "befores and afters" and much more every day!

Congratulations (again) Jess and Paul!