Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giving Back

Join us in giving back to the Puerto Vallarta community!

Anyone – Dazzling couples – past, present or future - , those of you just browsing, family, friends and followers – please take a moment and leave a comment or two . . . or three, or four! You can comment on any or every post if you like!

For each comment posted on this blog between December 15th – December 31st, The Dazzling Details will donate one item to R.I.S.E. Children’s Shelter, a local orphanage we have consistently supported since our very own start in 2005. Donated items will be based on need and will most likely consist of children’s clothing, laundry soap, sanitation supplies, pillows, blankets and the like!

We believe that Giving Back is essential - and even more important during the "tough times" - to making Puerto Vallarta a beautiful city, vacation destination and home to visitors and residents of every age, size, shape and color!

Silvia and Peter - Dreams Resort

Despite snow falling in the US, Puerto Vallarta continues to greet visitors with clear skies, lots of sunshine and beautiful scenery! Such was the early December day when Silvia and Peter married at Dreams Resort!

The bride requested turquoise, more turquoise and even more turquoise with a few touches of the color coral. We granted her wish and went a step further to design personalized ceremony programs and dinner menus that replicated their scrapbook-style wedding website!

The ceremony took place on the beach beneath a white iron gazebo with flowing chiffon in tones of the bride’s blue; turquoise glass drops and white dendrobium orchids hung from inside the gazebo, and Mexican mosaic vases filled with orchids lined the aisle.

And this we loved! The bride boycotted the tradition and sent us this picture as inspiration for an alternative floral bouquet!

We came up with this beautiful version which Silvia absolutely loved!

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to a nearby terrace for cocktail lounging, an intimate dinner and an evening of dancing!

Seating areas surrounded the gazebo where more turquoise glass drops and orchids hung, and special personalized details were incorporated into the set up!

One dinner table was set for 33 guests, creating an intimate, candlelit dinner celebration!

A very special dinner included a live grilling station from which guests ordered directly from the grill!

And to top it off, Charme Reposteria created yet another gorgeous wedding cake for us!

Congratulations Peter and Silvia!

p.s. For those of you interested (because EVERYONE asks us about dresses they see on the site), Silvia designed her own dress! You can find her at Penelope.

Photos by Roberto Aceves

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Dream"ing in December

This past weekend was packed with wonderful events! Two very different weddings for two very different couples - both at Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort!

We're treating you to one photo from each wedding! For the details, you'll just have to wait! Maybe it will be our holiday treat for you before we head out for Christmas vacation! We'll see!

December 6th wedding:

December 8th wedding:

And just a note - this double-wedding weekend was an exception! Both of these couples were so great, we just couldn't say "no" to either of them! But physical exhaustion set in following 48 hours of hard work in a 72-hour period, and I can guarantee that double-wedding weekend won't be happening again anytime soon! This weekend's successful events, however, were completely worth the long hours and sore bodies!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Little Find - Sandrina's

Ok, so I’ve kept this restaurant a secret for a while now only because every time I find a place I absolutely love, it seems to quickly become a new “hot spot” for vacationers; then, suddenly . . . prices rise, food portion is cut in half, quality decreases, and it becomes the newest member of a long list of my old favorite places that are no longer favorites.

But I have confidence that just isn’t going to happen with my new favorite place - which has technically been my favorite place for over a year now and is still going strong. I get the feeling this is true love. Sandrina’s is going to be my forever favorite place.

Sandrina’s Restaurant – an old world Mexico niche in the heart of Bucerias offers fantastic food surrounded by original paintings created by Sandrina herself! The owner, her husband and entire family are delightful – bubbly, friendly, always ready with hugs and conversation; delicious everything . . . literally, everything! The connecting boutique has gorgeous Mexican crafts so you can pick up something beautiful on the way out too!

Seriously . . . great ambiance, great people, great food, great shopping. Go there, eat, tell your closest friends and tell them to tell their friends.

You may be wondering how this applies to weddings. Well, I’ll tell you! Sandrina’s is a fantastic location for events – welcome cocktail receptions, rehearsal dinners, small wedding groups – what an absolutely lovely place for a romantic Mexican wedding ceremony and reception.

I swear I’m renewing my vows there someday. And I have on occasion mentioned holding my baby girl’s birthday parties there every year of her life.

See? True love.