Sunday, January 25, 2009

Erin and Shane - Dreams Resort

This was a really fun one! Everything about it - the colors, the vibrance, the couple, the guests - each element fell into place perfectly making for a fantastic evening for Erin and Shane's January 16th wedding!

The couple wanted tropical & colorful, and their wedding invite and love of gerbers gave us a perfect place to start!

This is Erin and Shane's wedding!!!

And just a little something fun . . . the groom gifted his guys Bottle Opener Flip Flops - quite convenient for the right crowd!

Stay Tuned! We have a big one on the way! Next weekend brings a welcome party at Villa Premiere Resort & Spa, Rehearsal Dinner at the NEW Boca Bento location, our first wedding at new Villa Mediterraneo and finally (whew!) a brunch at Barcelo Hotel!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress Wanted!

Well, it appears this bridesmaid dress is a hot little item!

After three individual requests from brides for the details on this dress, we've decided to post them!

So here's the scoop . . .

The bride first saw the Micro Tafetta Dress in a magazine article about the movie 27 Dresses and then found the chic little taupe number at a local BCBG store in California. (The other color available was bright magenta.)

When Googled, the dress now appears on the Saks webpage as no longer available online. Luckily, though, they do provide a phone number where you can request information regarding its availability - 1-877-551-SAKS.

Hope this is helpful to all you brides on the prowl for this gorgeous dress!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carrie & Patrick - Casa Carol Ann

Carrie and Patrick exchanged vows at lovely Casa Carol Ann this past weekend! The couple requested a traditional and classic event with pops of color! Here is a peek at Saturday's event. (Photos by Roberto Aceves.)

Congratulations Carrie and Patrick!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Diapers and Toothpaste and Bleach, Oh My!

Thank you to the wonderful people who joined our efforts to Give Back this holiday season! Ten comments were left on The Dazzling Details' blog, and we were grateful for each and every one!

As promised, for each comment left, The Dazzling Details will donate one item to the R.I.S.E. Children's Shelter in Puerto Vallarta. And to make things even better, The Dazzling Details is providing a match . . . for each of your comments, we will donate an item on your behalf and one from us ... equalling a total of 240 diapers, four bottles of shampoo, 10 liters of bleach, three boxes of cereal, 24 toothbrushes and 18 tubes of toothpaste - all items identified as "in great need" by the shelter.

Thank you for your support of the Puerto Vallarta community! We wish you all a fabulous 2009!