Friday, December 3, 2010

Nicole and Charles - China Blanca

Nicole and Charles were enamored with Casa China Blanca from the first moment they laid eyes on it. In order to make space in the budget for the grandiose venue (and an amazing fireworks display to surprise guests), the couple opted for a more modern and less traditional reception format - a cocktail-style reception - with passed appetizers throughout the night accompanied by a super yummy cupcake display that satisfied guests' sweet tooth later on into the dancing!

The couple chose a palette of Tiffany blue and white with shells and the ocean as primary design elements! The day turned out warm, lovely and so incredibly intimate and beautiful!

Thank you to Dara and Austin, their professional photographers, who are supplying the majority of the photos below!

The bride and groom took a few very romantic moments to have a "first look" prior to guest arrival! And despite the gorgeous backdrop, trust me when I say that the groom's eyes were on nothing but the beautiful bride!

The ceremony took place on the shaded outdoor terrace with the pool, ocean and bright blue sky in the background!

Following the kiss, guests mingled at cocktail tables and lounge areas spread throughout the venue, and as the evening progressed, the dance floor became the center of excitement!

A simple one-layer cake atop pyramids of cupcakes allowed for the respected tradition of the cake cutting - made all the better by fireworks exploding into the night sky!

Congratulations Nicole and Charles!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mercy and Louis - Dreams PV

Mercy and Louis married on the hottest day of the summer - aaah! - at beautiful Oceana Restaurant inside Dreams Resort in PV! The bride, groom and all the guests were troopers despite the heat and humidity, and the party was a blast! Thank you Eva Sica for the professional photos - they are absolutely lovely! (You will, of course, notice one or two of our own photos in the mix, however, it'll be quite obvious which are Eva's and which are our rough snapshots!)

Congratulations Mercy and Louis!

After dinner, a surprise cigar roller and lounge was opened up as a surprise from the bride to the groom!

The area was pretty popular as you can see in this, my final snapshot of the evening, (obviously NOT taken by the professional photographer)!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sheree and Beat - Casa Garza Blanca

I must admit, this is ridiculously late, but nevertheless it is a bright, happy, colorful and fun wedding - so as they say "better [really really] late than never!"

Sheree and Beat brought an intimate group of family and friends from all over the world to meet and mingle for their nuptials in Puerto Vallarta! From the very beginning, they wanted to incorporate the very literal flavors of Mexico - chiles, limes and the works - into their wedding as well as incorporating the things that Mexico is famous for around the world - sombreros, tequila, papel picado! A true Mexican-style celebration!

While the bride and groom shot romantic photos following ceremony, guests were invited to a cocktail area complete with celebration cigars, avocado-based cooking oil favors (to take a bit of Mexican flavor home with them!) and a photo station with props to send wishes to the bride and groom!

Escort cards were tucked into different fresh chiles corresponding to the table names!

Following dinner, the bride and groom cut into a delicious carrot cake covered with heavenly (and I do MEAN heavenly!) vanilla macaroons. Heavenly.

Dancing the night away continued. And continued. And continued. Into the wee morning hours!

Thank you Gino at Story by Photo for the lovely pics! We can't wait to work with you again soon! And a very belated congratulations (again) to Sheree and Beat!