Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kathy and Rob - Dreams/Villa Mediterraneo

Well folks . . . this is the one many of you have been waiting for! Kathy developed quite a fan club while planning her wedding, and I know there are a lot of brides out there anxious to see how everything turned out!

First, a few of the professional "sneak peek" photos from photographer Joe Cogliandro. Stunning!

And now for the decor! A few of our snapshots from the day . . . and what a day it was! Kathy, Rob and their guests were troopers on a lot-hotter-than-normal-May-day!

The wedding ceremony took place on the beach at Dreams Resort. Curly willow wrapped around wrought iron pieces, hanging chandeliers with a pop of colorful floral and burning sandalwood incense marked the ceremony aisle; at Kathy's request, guests and bridal party entered from the sides saving the actual aisle for only the bride herself - dramatic and beautiful!

Following the ceremony, guests were transported to beautiful Villa Mediterraneo where a spectacular evening awaited them!

A "Serve Yourself Cocktail Bar" was the first stop in the villa garden. Fresh limonada, water with a twist, Mexican beer and signature cocktails were available for guests to sip on! A live appetizer station as well as passed apps kept guests appetites at bay!

Seating cards were inspired by New Orleans poster images - a nod to a special place in Kathy and Rob's relationship!

And the reception . . . it was really something special! I love when decor can be created that is equally beautiful during the day and then takes on a special glow at night!

Table centerpieces by day and night:

Napkin rings were created by using vintage earrings. What a hit! Not only did they look great on the napkins, but guests (both female and male) ended up donning them on their ears all night long!

Back to the by-day-and-night-photos:

Kathy and a friend created amazing wedding invitations for the wedding which we transformed into their dance floor!

The wedding lounge area focused on a blending of styles - Rob's more modern taste was reflected in the clean white furniture, while Kathy's love of vintage showed itself in little touches tucked in corners of the garden.

Its hard to choose a favorite in this wedding, but I think I saved the best for last . . . the spectacular cake! - perfectly executed fondant lace, sugar ribbon topped off by two beautiful vintage earring details . . . sweet perfection displayed on an antique piano - what more could you ask for?

Congratulations to a fantastic couple! We are going to miss planning with you!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rozlynn and Keith - Villa Quinta del Mar

What a wedding! Roz and Keith were amazing to work with from start to finish - easygoing, gracious and so much fun! As mentioned in a previous post, their wedding design proved to be a fantastic challenge to us - combining elements such as peacock feathers, the vibrancy of Mexico through tones of red, turquoise and bright blue and an overall modern vibe to the event while at the same time using some very traditional Mexican elements! Whew!

Handing over the bouquet to the bride is always so much fun! Michelle had the pleasure of giving Roz her combination of red and circus roses, fuschia dendrobium orchids, ruscus leaves and peacock feathers; Roz was so thrilled!

So here is the day in photos, from start to finish! The professional pictures were provided by Black Dog Photography (thank you Roy!), and the other photos that are just a bit out of focus, not color-corrected, etc. - well, those are our amateur shots that we decided to include! Enjoy!

While the bride got beautiful nearby, guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers at the pre-ceremony cocktail reception!

After cocktails, guests were invited to the lower terrace for a traditional Jewish ceremony, and then moved further down the terrace for more festive cocktails!

Upstairs, guests were seated at lamp-lit tables where they feasted on whole red snapper, surf and turf skewers and fried ice cream!

More fun awaited downstairs at the reception where cigars were rolled, cake was cut, fireworks exploded, flaming coffees flamed, artwork was made, booties shook and fire was thrown!

And one super fun detail that was a complete success with this group! For those of you who are not into a traditional guest book, this project was interactive, fun and provided the bride and groom with a great take-home gift!

We set up a decoupage table with a mirror and wooden frame. Appropriate images and words about weddings and Vallarta were cut out and available to guests along with colored swatches of paper for note-writing. Individuals created their own little corner of artwork for the bride and groom - resulting in a beautiful mirror collage!

Congratulations Roz and Keith!!!

From the bride and groom:

Kristin, Michelle, and the entire DD team -
I can’t believe it has nearly been a month since our big day. We have been racking our brains trying to decide how to thank you for the “wedding of the century,” and I decided the least we could do is write you a note.

We thought you were great when we saw your website. We knew you were professional after we met with you in person. The events you planned for us were breathtaking. We didn’t give you very much guidance at all yet you created a wedding that was “so us.” I still can’t fathom how it is that you summonsed from the universe the fact that I liked orchids in lit tubes of water. (I meant to tell you about the ones I saw like that at the W in NYC a couple months before but never did because I was a lazy bride) The flowers were amazingly beautiful…the most beautiful I had ever seen. The drinks were great (I hear) although I never had one because I was too busy doing shots of tequila and shaking my ass on the dance floor. The food was yummy and plentiful as promised. The service was out of this world.

The wedding progressed smoothly despite “hiccups” that I never even knew about until afterwards. The event was seamless. The two of you were calm and everyone fed off your calm energy. I had the chance to just enjoy my wedding and so did Keith.

I am currently recruiting other couples to have a wedding in PV so I can treat myself to a Dazzling Details wedding again. My guests were in awe…are still in awe…requesting a reunion next month! My Rabbi told me that she completely lost her composure because of how much fun the celebration was! Our wedding is legend!

I still don’t know how to thank you guys but I have a few things in the works. The world needs to know how awesome you are. You deserve fame and fortune and a special place in heaven. You will always have a special place in our hearts!