Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brittany and Kyle - Dreams PV

Brittany and Kyle's rustic beach wedding was a beautiful blend of burlap (even hand-made burlap flowers that we incorporated into the bouquet!), white blooms, flowing fabrics and soft lighting. Hand-painted signs, refurbished market boxes and tin cans amazingly came together to create an ambiance of rustic elegance - so simple and pretty! (And any Princess Bride fanatics out there will notice hand-painted signs with love quotes from the famous film! Princess Bride was the first movie ever that the couple watched together - oh, so romantic!) Thanks Eva Sica and Pierre Morillon for the lovely photos!

Congratulations Brittany and Kyle!


  1. You ladies do it again and again and again. The talent pours out of you.

  2. what kind of lights are those strung throughout the reception? what a great, romantic effect!

  3. Love the "Princess Bride" references in the wedding!