Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carrie & Patrick - Casa Carol Ann

Carrie and Patrick exchanged vows at lovely Casa Carol Ann this past weekend! The couple requested a traditional and classic event with pops of color! Here is a peek at Saturday's event. (Photos by Roberto Aceves.)

Congratulations Carrie and Patrick!

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  1. This was the MOST amazing weekend of our entire lives. Kristin and Michelle did an EXTRAORDINARY job of putting together an unforgetable rehearsal dinner at Los Arborlitos and a wedding at Casa Carol Ann. It was so much more than a wedding...more like a FANTASTIC party. Working with Dazzling Details allowed us to truly be in the moment during every single second of our wedding weekend. There was literally no stress. The details were exactly what we would have wanted and there is NO WAY I could have planned anything better myself. Initially, I was nervous to give up control of the wedding planning, but Patrick and I have both said that working with Dazzling Details allowed us to really enjoy our engagement process. Unbelieveable! Our family and friends are still talking about the weekend. Everyone was truly WOWED (including us). Email me anytime with Thank you Dazzling Details!!! Love, Carrie and Patrick XOXOXO