Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marisol and Robert - Dreams PV

Every now and again a couple comes along who really reminds us what a wedding should be about. Of course the day, the decor and the details all contribute to making a wedding day unforgettable, but even without all that, this day would have been equally memorable. Marisol and Rob are the true definition of love. Their genuine affection for one another and their families made this day beyond special, beyond unique and beyond unforgettable! Thank you to them for allowing us to play a part in making their dreams come true!

Here are just a few photos we snapped on wedding day!

Professional photos to come by Rick Collins (what a pleasure it was to work with this laid-back-but-got-it-together photographer!)

From the Bride:

I just wanted to say thank you in the most sincere possible way. EVERYONE had a blast and everything was just so, so special! Our wedding has been described as “magical” by so many people and so many people swear it was the best wedding ever!!

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