Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kathy and Rob - Dreams/Villa Mediterraneo

Well folks . . . this is the one many of you have been waiting for! Kathy developed quite a fan club while planning her wedding, and I know there are a lot of brides out there anxious to see how everything turned out!

First, a few of the professional "sneak peek" photos from photographer Joe Cogliandro. Stunning!

And now for the decor! A few of our snapshots from the day . . . and what a day it was! Kathy, Rob and their guests were troopers on a lot-hotter-than-normal-May-day!

The wedding ceremony took place on the beach at Dreams Resort. Curly willow wrapped around wrought iron pieces, hanging chandeliers with a pop of colorful floral and burning sandalwood incense marked the ceremony aisle; at Kathy's request, guests and bridal party entered from the sides saving the actual aisle for only the bride herself - dramatic and beautiful!

Following the ceremony, guests were transported to beautiful Villa Mediterraneo where a spectacular evening awaited them!

A "Serve Yourself Cocktail Bar" was the first stop in the villa garden. Fresh limonada, water with a twist, Mexican beer and signature cocktails were available for guests to sip on! A live appetizer station as well as passed apps kept guests appetites at bay!

Seating cards were inspired by New Orleans poster images - a nod to a special place in Kathy and Rob's relationship!

And the reception . . . it was really something special! I love when decor can be created that is equally beautiful during the day and then takes on a special glow at night!

Table centerpieces by day and night:

Napkin rings were created by using vintage earrings. What a hit! Not only did they look great on the napkins, but guests (both female and male) ended up donning them on their ears all night long!

Back to the by-day-and-night-photos:

Kathy and a friend created amazing wedding invitations for the wedding which we transformed into their dance floor!

The wedding lounge area focused on a blending of styles - Rob's more modern taste was reflected in the clean white furniture, while Kathy's love of vintage showed itself in little touches tucked in corners of the garden.

Its hard to choose a favorite in this wedding, but I think I saved the best for last . . . the spectacular cake! - perfectly executed fondant lace, sugar ribbon topped off by two beautiful vintage earring details . . . sweet perfection displayed on an antique piano - what more could you ask for?

Congratulations to a fantastic couple! We are going to miss planning with you!!!


  1. Very unique! You did an amazing job once again!

  2. Kristin, Michelle & the amazing DD Team-
    I have been thinking about all the right things to say, in order to express my emotions and gratitude about our wedding... and, there seriously isn't any words in our spoken language that can express the feelings Rob & I experienced at our wedding. You ladies and your team exceeded our expectations in every way possible. I can't believe you were so in-tune with us and our personalities and it showed in all the design and details. You made our wedding day a "Fairytale" come true. Our guests still email us daily, in awe over your work. The dedication, sweat (I'm sure lots of that), talent, hours, spirit, love and flare you put into everything you designed (from the dance floor, type writer, cake, vintage earrings, ceremony set up, etc. I could go on and on) touched our hearts in ways you will never know. Any couple that is blessed to have you ladies not only be part of their special celebration, but to have you orchestrate the entire thing should feel honored and fortunate. You know your craft well and deserve all the praise in the world for the memories you help create.

    Rob & I send lots of love to you and your loved ones. May many couples bring their celebration to Puerto Vallarta(the economy can use it and PV deserves it) and have the great gift we did to have you make it all happen.