Sunday, October 18, 2009

Loren and Ed - Casa Hallan


This is how Loren and Ed defined their wedding vision months ago as they shuffled through hundreds of wedding photos looking for their inspiration! The only really specific request they had was to include gerber daisies!

Loren's sister also designed super fun save-the-dates and invitations for the couple which served as inspiration for many of the design elements!

And what an amazingly fun challenge it was for us to put all of this together and create a wedding day that endlessly wowed them! They deserved every single second of it!

The wedding took place at beautiful Casa Hallan in Bucerias, one of the few villas in the area that can be rented for event-only. What an amazing setting for such a unique celebration. (Anyone interested in this villa, please feel free to contact us! It isn't a very well-known venue, but it is a fantastic one!)

So to keep you satisfied until the professional photos are in from none other than Elizabeth Lloyd, here are a few of our snapshots from yesterday! Enjoy!

Congratulations Loren and Ed! What a privilege it was to plan your day with you!

From the bride and groom:

Here’s me without words to express how agog, how gobsmacked, how blown away, how truly touched we were by the most amazing, gorgeous, hip, unique, totally @#$#ing kick ass event that you created. We had every faith that it would be fabulous, but….well, I have no words.

It was so perfect, so us; it was the event WE would have created, had we been has creative and brilliant as you. How did you do that?!!!!! In fact, everyone assumed we had designed it, even though I kept protesting. Finally, I just gave up…that is, until Ed busted me wide open that I had nothing to do with it.

In a word, it was PERFECT-PLUS. Which really isn’t a word.

Please use me for any testimonials or referrals. I would love to gush about your fabulousness. Any parents should feel free to call mine.

Kristin & Michelle – thank you so much. Thank you so so so much! If you ever need anything, please let me know!

Muchos besos!
Loren & Ed


  1. Amazing! WOW, can't wait to see more pictures! You guys did an amazing job.

  2. You guys are awesome! Beautiful pics. Can't wait to see you guys again in March!

  3. Very cool esthetic. I especially love the cactus in the table flowers. Cannot wait to see how Elizabeth Lloyd played with the photos, they'll be gorgeous!