Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dana and Sam - Dreams PV

Back in October, when rainy season was supposed to be coming to a close, Dana and Sam tied the knot at Dreams Resort. The day began ideally - sun shining, palm trees swaying, the wedding setup coming together beautifully.

But as the day progressed, storm clouds rolled in and rain began to fall. The bride and groom decided to move forward with ceremony on the beach but move their reception indoors. And so the day went. The professional photos from Kirsten Lewis are in, and they are such a perfect reflection of the day. And one of my very favorite and romantic photos EVER was taken with pouring down rain the background (see below!) So, without further adieu, Dana and Sam's wedding day!

This is it . . . the one I love!!!

For more details on this rain day, go here!

Congratulations (again) Dana and Sam!

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  1. The flowers were soooooooo pretty! Loved the colors.