Monday, June 14, 2010

Danielle and Ben - Estrella Mar Slideshow!

Every now and again something absolutely amazing lands on our laps and brings us right back to the moments of a wedding. The love, the laughter, the details, the moments that truly matter. All brought to life again. Today, we received that gift from Kristi Klemens (of course) as we viewed Danielle and Ben's slideshow. Breathtaking! I dare you not to get a little teary or to smile or to actually feel like you are part of this amazing celebration. We were so blessed to actually have been there from start to finish. From the first planning email to the final minute of the celebration. Aaah, the memories.


  1. gorgeous. another slam dunk! what shoes is the bride wearing?

  2. Dazzling details and absolutely amazing photography combine for a fun yet breathtaking video.

  3. Here is Danielle's response regarding the shoes:

    Ahhhhh! That is so cute (and it was an amazing shot!). They are from Charles David and, boy, was it hard to find lovely red wedges. I bought them on Amazon actually...