Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jenny and Jeff - Villa Verde

Funny thing. Lots of couples these days want to get married in Mexico but want very little Mexico reflected in their wedding. I get it. Many people immediately associate Mexico with sombreros, pinatas, cactus and tequila.

What many people forget is that Mexico, as much as it has its share of sombreros, pinatas, cactus and tequila, is also a country wealthy with hand-painted pottery, intricately beaded artwork, festive colors, beautifully-designed iron work, succulent tropical fruits and so much more. A Mexican-themed wedding can speak to the vibrancy of the culture through subtle and natural elements as in Jenny and Jeff's wedding this past Monday! Their color palette of fuschia, orange, red and green brought a punch of color to the brick terrace while the decor focused on Mexico . . . in a beautiful, non-sombrero way!

Believe it or not, our inspiration for this wedding came from a couple cakes Jenny liked:

Both cakes had the word "Love" on them - well, we decided to take that idea, add local flare and voila! "Amor" was the theme of this wedding . . . and wow, did it fit the occasion! This celebration focused on the love, uh hum, amor between this amazing couple, their gathered family and group of friends!

A beachfront ceremony in June calls for some shade for guests, and what better way to add color to the beach than with natural bougainvillea suspended over a natural wood structure. Ivory curtains blocked sunlight filtering in from the sides while still allowing for a beautiful view!

Upstairs on the terrace, festive and shaded "cabanas" awaited guests during cocktail hour!

A special children's area was set up for five youngsters! Of course even their area combines with the rest of the wedding!

Guests were seated at beautiful dinner tables that popped with colorful flowers emerging from terracotta pots filled with limes!

Gotta love the cake! A fun and festive combination of several cakes Jenny loved . . . made with "amor" by Charme Reposteria!

After dinner and dessert, guests danced the night away beneath the palapa! Additional seating was placed around the space for those who needed a rest, and decorative terracotta pieces added candlelight and flowers to the area!

Mexican tortas (sandwiches), cookies and milk were served at the end of the night - what a popular treat!

Congratulations Jenny and Jeff - we loved being a part of your festive Mexican celebration . . . filled with mucho amor!

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  1. GORGEOUS! LOVE all the fun colors, yet it's still so classy!