Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Truly Tropical Welcome

We have literally waited years to be able to put together some fun welcome floral arrangements for guests arriving to a Vallarta wedding. We've done all sorts of welcome bags, baskets, boxes and the like (which are also fun!) but we've been secretly wishing for a couple to choose a welcome arrangement for their guests so we could put these fun little items together!

And finally - this week we are delivering 18 tropical arrangements in these adorable (and authentic) adobe pottery pieces we found! A fun agenda of wedding events pops out of the flowers, and as a little "extra," we tied on a handmade bar of kiwi cucumber soap from local vendor Jabon Arte!

I'd love to have one of these awaiting me at my hotel! Hope Lisa and Matt's guests like them too! (Check back for their wedding photos early next week! Their nuptials are this Friday!)

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