Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sheree and Beat - Sneak Peek!

Sheree and Beat said their "I do's" in a very festive and Mexican wedding on Wednesday! They requested many typical items from Mexico - pinatas, serapes, sombreros and the list goes on - BUT wanted it in their favorite colors - turquoise, lime green and purple (with just a hint of orange). Whew! Here are a couple peeks of their wedding! More photos to come by one of my faves - Story by Photo!

Congratulations Sheree and Beat!!!


  1. omg...what a great event. you are so talented. i love the otomi table runners...were you able to find them online at a better price than ebay?

  2. Hi Tara! I LOVE the Otomi runners as well, and as you know, the work is very expensive to purchase! We actually handpainted these - so they aren't the original but our own knock-off, but I think they turned out really really beautifully!