Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Suzanne and Joe - The Biggest Peek Ever!

My intention was to give you a sneak peek at Suzanne and Joe's wedding this past May 10th, but as I began sorting through the snapshots we took of the setup and celebration, I realized that there were just so many things I loved about this wedding, I couldn't narrow it down! So here is the biggest peek ever at their wedding - the ceremony at Hacienda San Angel chapel and the reception at nearby Villa Leonarda!

Congratulations Suzanne and Joe!

We created ceremony programs modelled after the couple's invitations and added a flaming heart milagro charm inside each one! I LOVE how these turned out!

Suzanne really wanted her guests to walk the three blocks from the chapel to the villa, so we spiced it up with a festive parade! Guests really got into it - carrying pinatas above their heads and signs in their hands, shaking maracas and tambourines, donning paper flower crowns and brightly colored sombreros!

Upon arrival at the villa, the instruments and props were left at the door and guests were greeted with a red rose petal aisle converting the celebration from festive street fun to traditional Mexican elegance!

Suzanne and Joe opted for a cocktail-style reception with passed appetizers and various food stations as opposed to a formal seated dinner. This was a perfect choice for their mingling group, and the food not only looked great but was scrumptious! Thanks Plush!

And a Mexican wedding isn't complete without tequila! A small tequila tasting station was set up on the far side of the pool with adobe shot glasses. This turned into great fun as guests actually closed their eyes and taste-tested trying to guess which tequila was which!

Various seating areas and tables were set up on the terrace overlooking the river; deep red roses burst from adobe pitchers, Mexican shawls added a touch of authenticity to the decor, and of course, flaming hearts peeked out from the arrangements.

And check out the custom-made cake topper Suzanne created for her cake! So unique!


  1. beautiful tie in with the lush reds, love the rose petal path; creates fragrance as the petals are crushed underfoot. What an inspirational and moving location for a wedding! The colonial chapel and hacienda style villa are so unique and so close together! A great match...

  2. Out of this world! Amazing job!You are, by far, the best!

  3. You did an amazing job! I was a bridesmaid and friend of the bride for over 20 years and I can tell you this exceeded everyone's expectations. Kristin and Michelle were so patient, organized and kind in addition to all of the wonderful little details that created a beautiful day for my deserving and loved friends. Thank you again!

  4. Linda Truesdell LockyerMay 29, 2010 at 11:35 AM

    As mother of the bride, I would like to say it was an awesome and fabulous event!!! It was also a wonderful way for 2 families to get to know each other's members and become one big, loving family. In fact, the surroundings were so romantic and conducive to enjoyment that everyone who attended became bonded for having shared the same indescribably intimate, yet joyous experience. In a word, I LOVED it!