Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christine and Chad - Casa Salamandra

Christine and Chad married four months ago at Casa Salamandra in Nuevo Vallarta. Due to a hard drive crash, I lost all the wedding photos I had taken and just now got my hands on their professional photos taken by Serendipity! Yippee! The story of their day in photographs!

The bride, her three-year-old-son and the entire bridal party started the day off getting beautified (and handsome-ized) at Dreams Resort in PV where they were staying with their guests.

At the villa later that afternoon, the bride and groom prepare to see each other for the first time - so romantic!

Then it was on to the ceremony set up on the beach at the foot of the villa. Guest chairs were set in four columns with arrangements of curly willow and bright orange birds of paradise emerging from sandy vases. The bride and groom stood beneath a bamboo canopy with flowing gold specked ivory chiffon at their sides.

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to a beach lounge area where clean white tufted couches and chairs awaited them. Additional bird-of-paradise arrangements surrounded the dance floor in the middle of the lounge, and more chiffon drifted at the edges of the dance floor to create a dreamy and exotic look!

Guests then climbed the stairs to the villa terrace for dinner at tables dressed with white linens and natural rattan overlays. Natural coconuts were filled with flowers and surrounded tall vases with bird-of-paradise and curly willow.

Following the cutting of the cake and a gorgeous fireworks display, guests were invited back down to the dance lounge for cocktails, lots of great music and a night full of dancing!

Congratulations Christine and Chad!

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  1. I love that you guys used birds of paradise, very simple but "screams" tropical.

    I love the brides wedding dress.