Thursday, September 9, 2010

Puerto Vallarta - Helping Friends and Neighbors!

Puerto Vallarta and particularly its northern neighboring towns of San Pancho, Sayulita and several smaller communities have been negatively affected by the tremendous amounts of rain and the resulting flooding and landslides these past couple weeks.

We are monitoring the situation very carefully and sincerely hope that soon everything will settle down and return to sunshine and clear skies, but in the meantime, there is a sincere cry for help in local communities.

The flooding of the rivers and extreme landslides have left many families with nothing. In San Pancho alone, more than 70 people are currently living at a local community center. In addition, the residents of these communities are currently unable to leave the towns as bridges at the entrance to both areas have been washed away. On a very positive note, friends, neighbors and complete strangers are responding with kindness, efficiency and maintaining hope that brighter skies are ahead!

We plan to respond and encourage you to do the same! Puerto Vallarta plays an important part in many of your lives – you were married here, will marry here or simply love our little corner of the world!

The items most needed right now include: food, propane gas, padded mats, blankets, toilet paper, bleach, clothing for adults and children, sugar, rice, pillows, pet food, diapers and baby formula.

The Dazzling Details will be making a donation of supplies to local residents next Wednesday, and we will gladly add $5 to the fund for each comment we receive on Facebook through Tuesday night. If anyone is interested in making a monetary donation, please send me an email at

We look forward to helping out our neighbors and thank any of you who choose to provide support!

(Just a peek at the local community efforts this week! This premature baby born in the town of San Pancho was ziplined out of the city by Canopy Tour employees in order to be transported to a hospital in Tepic!)

By the end of Tuesday evening, $1730 USD had been raised to help community members in need! A sincere thank you to all our couples, fans, families, vendors and those who left comments on Facebook. Your thoughtfulness can't even be measured! We feel so blessed to know and work with you!


  1. That is so amazing!! You would never ever see anything like that in Canada.

  2. good for you people......there´s nothing like help in spite of it all......hugs and God bless you!