Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amy and Nick - Guadalupe/Terra Noble

Amy and Nick's April wedding took place at two of Vallarta’s truly unique venues – the Church of Guadalupe (the oldest and most famous church in PV) and Terra Noble – Vallarta’s famous nature spa.

The bride and groom were amazingly calm, kind-hearted and a joy to work with! Their design was equally fun and interesting to create! We melded a combination of their interests and tastes to come up with the following celebration! The couple’s color palette was green and brown and the style leaned toward Zen, but Amy’s favorite flower is the pink stargazer, so we incorporated the blossom in a few places to add a “pop” of color to the otherwise very nature-inspired event!

Amy’s bouquet was a mixture of White Gerber daisies, Irish Bells and Green Miniature Chrysanthemums.

Following their Catholic ceremony and mass at the Church of Guadalupe, the bride and groom wandered around town taking some shots in PV. These are a couple of my favorites:

A special lounge was set up for guests as they arrived to Terra Noble and decorated very simply with stones in glass vases with a floating gerber.

A couple Dazzling Details were incorporated into the lounge for the bride and groom:

1) The couple really wanted to serve Sangria during their cocktail but also wanted to give a nod to the fact that they met at a Martini Bar, so we decided to serve sangria in Martini glasses and voila - Martini a la Mexicana! Special coasters were created and set around the cocktail area for their special signature drink!

2) Amy and Nick absolutely love to travel, and in honor of their passion, personalized luggage tags were available as guest favors.

Another nearby seating area was created beneath Terra Noble’s wonderful palapa.

At night, the lounges were lit beautifully to provide comfortable mingling areas for those who weren’t on the dance floor grooving, or those who simply needed a break to catch their breath!

Dinner tables were set on the edge of the cliff and overlooked the beautiful city of PV as well as the coastline. When the city lights go on at night, it is truly a unique and amazing view!

Tables were named after special cities that played a role in the relationship of the couple and marked with maps of those cities suspended in homemade bamboo holders.

Beautiful Zen centerpieces ran the length of the table. Wooden boxes divided into separate areas were filled with water and floating tea lights, green mums, stargazer lilies, bamboo and stones:

My favorite element of this wedding was the cake! Charme Reposteria always creates lovely wedding cakes and takes notes without flinching as we run through our page-long description of exactly what the cake should look and taste like! This one was fabulous and fit the event perfectly!

At the end of the night, Nick had a really special surprise in store for Amy (we helped him plan a little something behind her back!) as we lit a bonfire and served s’mores as a late night snack – Amy’s favorite!

Amy and Nick were amazing to work with and their group was super special! At times we are absolutely beat by the end of wedding day, but this time the group was so spirited and easy to work with that we headed home that night with energy left over – and good thing! We were to wake up and do it all over again the next day for Danielle and Brian’s wedding at Dreams Resort!

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