Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tasha and Andrew - Casa Macumba

Tasha and Andrew’s wedding the first weekend in May was truly one of a kind! From the color palette to the clothing, the first dance to the flowers – this couple threw a celebration not soon to be forgotten!

The bride, a personal image consultant based in California, lives by Yves Saint Laurent’s statement “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” And the bride, groom and guests at this event truly showed a style of their very own!

The color palette for the event was inspired by a lovely striped fabric Tasha found in Los Angeles and included mossy green, black, pale pink, buttery yellow and ivory.

Tasha’s bouquet absolutely had to be as unique and interesting as her dress! We combined clusters of green cymbidium orchids, pale pink roses, deep purple (almost black!) calla lilies, green miniature mums and white athirium into a cascading bounty! Beautiful!

Andrew’s boutonniere mirrored in mini the blossoms in the bride’s bouquet.

Over 100 guests gathered in the garden of Casa Macumba to witness the exchange of vows between this couple! Unique triangular-shaped canopies floated overhead providing an element of shade, and special ceremony elements including a platform for the couple and ring bearer pillow featured the bride’s striped fabric! Hundreds of creamy pale pink rose petals softened the ceremony aisle!

Following the ceremony, guests were invited poolside for cocktails and appetizers throughout the night! Lounge-style furniture surrounded the pool with simple but unique décor including minimalistic glass vases with deep purple calla lilies, black vases with white spider mums, hole-punched tin cans with green orchids.

The key to throwing a successful cocktail-style reception is to periodically introduce new elements, keeping guests excited, interested and moving! We divided the pool terrace into four quadrants, inviting guests to participate in a different activity in each section, encouraging them to mingle and move during the reception rather than choosing a seat and staying put all night long!

In one area, we featured tequila tasting and explanation with miniature bottles of Don Fernando tequila for guests to take away with them!

In another section, a wide variety or red bracelets and necklaces were available for guests’ choosing! Men, women and children loved this element and immediately donned their new accessories!

Around the other side of the pool was a really special surprise for the bride in honor of her love of costumes and dressing up! A hand-painted double-sided backdrop was mounted for guests to pose in front of wearing a variety of traditional Mexican clothing. While this activity is certainly not appropriate at every wedding, this group was the perfect audience and eagerly participated! Instant photos were taken of the guests in their costumes, were inserted into a special album in which guests wrote personal wishes to the bride and groom! I’ve rarely seen a group of adults have so much fun being silly!

Once the sun had set (and the bride had changed into a second dress), color lit up the dance floor, and this unique couple performed a choreographed number to kick off the dance party! But rather than the tango, salsa or any of the more classic dances, these two took lessons for and performed . . . a disco number!

The cake was modeled after the striped fabric (of course!)

The wardrobe at this wedding, as mentioned, truly spoke to a style unique to this group! Here are a few of the more interesting fashion statements of the day (including the bride’s garter just in case you can’t figure out this first photo!)

Congratulations Tasha and Andrew! Your celebration was a blast and we loved being part of your amazing day!

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