Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Dream"ing in December

This past weekend was packed with wonderful events! Two very different weddings for two very different couples - both at Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort!

We're treating you to one photo from each wedding! For the details, you'll just have to wait! Maybe it will be our holiday treat for you before we head out for Christmas vacation! We'll see!

December 6th wedding:

December 8th wedding:

And just a note - this double-wedding weekend was an exception! Both of these couples were so great, we just couldn't say "no" to either of them! But physical exhaustion set in following 48 hours of hard work in a 72-hour period, and I can guarantee that double-wedding weekend won't be happening again anytime soon! This weekend's successful events, however, were completely worth the long hours and sore bodies!

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